Restart your Workplace

Restart-Pop-Up-639x324We bring the spirit of repair – resilience, team troubleshooting, and fun, to workplaces and educational institutions. Our paid services are innovative, represent value for money and support our game-changing community work.

I would highly recommend Restart’s sessions for people of any age and industry, as it offers a new way to view the world of technology and our relationship with it.

Contact us directly or download this leaflet to share with your CSR, sustainability or HR team.

Restart Pop-ups

Host our team for a drop-in clinic during lunch hours or during a corporate event or party. Your employees will have the chance to bring their own electronics, learn one-to-one with our repair coaches, and feel the power of restarting.

Restart Talks

We give inspirational talks about sustainability and our vision for a people-driven “circular” economy that starts with individuals, communities and innovative companies. We inspire people to take greater care with resources, especially electronics, and help people perceive their crucial role in a “systems rethink”.