Restart your Workplace

We bring the spirit of repair – resilience, team troubleshooting, and fun, to workplaces and educational institutions. Our paid services are innovative, represent value for money and support our game-changing community work.

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Restart Pop-up

Host our team for a drop-in clinic during lunch hours or during a corporate event or party. Your employees will have the chance to bring their own electronics, learn one-to-one with our repair coaches, and feel the power of restarting.

restart-teamsRestart for Teams

Nothing gets people in “can-do”, collaborative mode better than taking apart and fixing electronics. This half-day team-building event maximises engagement and interaction between small teams and our most talented repair coaches. We bring along professional repair tools and equipment. Your employees bring their own broken devices from home – and we learn how to troubleshoot and repair together.

Restart for IT resilienceRestart for IT Resilience

For the small organisation or firm reliant on costly third party IT support, we provide a one-time, independent IT audit, assessing organisational need and helping teams get the most out of the hardware they have. We help small teams learn to manage and upgrade their own computers.