Restart your Workplace

Restart-Pop-Up-639x324We bring the spirit of repair – resilience, team troubleshooting, and fun, to workplaces and educational institutions. Our paid services are innovative, represent value for money and support our game-changing community work.

Contact us directly or download this leaflet to share with your CSR, sustainability or HR team.

Restart Pop-ups

Host our team for a drop-in clinic during lunch hours or during a corporate event or party. Your employees will have the chance to bring their own electronics, learn one-to-one with our repair coaches, and feel the power of restarting.

Restart Talks

We give inspirational talks about sustainability and our vision for a people-driven “circular” economy that starts with individuals, communities and innovative companies. We inspire people to take greater care with resources, especially electronics, and help people perceive their crucial role in a “systems rethink”.