Don’t despair, just repair.

The Restart Project helps people learn how to repair their broken electronics, and rethink how they consume them in the first place.

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Participate in a free community repair event, where volunteer fixers will help you learn how to repair your broken or slow devices - and tackle the growing mountain of e-waste.

All events across our network are cancelled through the end of April unless stated otherwise.

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Keep up to date with our latest news from community repair and the right to repair.

Earth Day activity “Mobiles Come from the Earth”

For Earth Day, we ran an online activity called “Mobiles Come from the Earth” aimed at kids, but really for anybody over 10 years old. This was the first of the kind that we’ve run, building on educational resources we created together with partners in five countries with European funding from EIT Raw Materials.

Restart Radio

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At least once a month, we produce a podcast about rescuing and repairing the electronics we use everyday.

Listen here, or tune in live the second Tuesday of the month at 5pm on London’s Resonance FM.

Apple’s T2 Chip and ownership rights after the first owner

Repair Data

Together with our growing network, we collect and share data on the things we repair, and use it to help us demand better, more sustainable products.


devices fixed


hours volunteered


kg waste prevented


kg CO2 prevented


Our web app allows members of the repair community to log their fixes and to learn about the social and environmental impact of their work.

Our insights

We collect data on repair from our community events and we use the data to provide insights into the devices we see.


We're working with young people to spark awareness about the raw materials inside our electronics and their environmental impacts.


Restart is a people-powered project. Here's what we're up to:

Producing great online repair events – learning from around the world

The pandemic presents huge challenges to communities around the world, including community repair groups. Fortunately, we see the world through the lens of repair and are practised problem-solvers. We’ve been inspired to see how groups around the world have adapted online.

Screengrab of Restarters Norway website, where they display their data

Repair data: why community groups collect and share

Many groups in our network are using our software to log community repair data after events. We asked some of them to tell us more about their experience with data. What motivated them to start recording data at repair events? What have they used repair data for?


We call volunteers who share their repair skills Restarters.

Restarter Profile: Meet Alison

Alison is a life-long DIYer who has a real can-do spirit about maintenance and fixing, and a budding interest in brewing. She laments the fact that some women feel discouraged to repair, and loves being involved in our Rosie the Restarter skillshares.

Restarter profile: Meet Steve

Steve is a life-long tinkerer and fixer, who loves the “Marie Kondo” repairs the best — the ones that spark joy. He enjoys repurposing electronics with his kids, cycling and running. He still remembers his first repair – a Walkman – at age 10.

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