Restart futures

This is the world we are working towards.

Some of it is already happening…

Colourful isometric illustration of various futures related to electronics on a figurative 'circuit board'

We know what world (or off-world) we do *not* want to see — WALL-E painted that sad picture. We need to envision the futures we would like to see.

Taking the design of a circuit board for inspiration – the operative heart of our devices – our “Restarted Future” poster illustrates the life-force of a future, sustainable economy.

There are so many possibilities for the move towards a more sustainable relationship with our devices: from repair in schools, to 3D printing new spare parts, to better use of resources in manufacturing. From top to bottom, here is what we’ve illustrated.

  1. Electronics become heirlooms and have extended software support
  2. Schools teach repairs and upgrades
  3. Personal ownership and investment in our e-stuff
  4. Open hardware and 3D printing of spare parts
  5. Sharing of skills locally
  6. Repair is visible, easy and everywhere
  7. Design education promotes upgradable, lasting products
  8. Popular rejection of throw-away products
  9. Move beyond recycling
  10. All material loops closed including carbon and water

It is modular, which means its parts can be taken apart and reconfigured, so that the vision remains “upgradeable”.

Currently, there are examples of all of these possibilities in action, but change needs to happen on multiple levels for real system change to emerge.

Download the PDF 

Our printed posters are free for schools and universities – please get in touch if you’d like us to send you some.

Big thanks to Rod Hunt for making our vision come to life, and to Ivan Nascimento and Ric Allen for design, and mentoring. Please note the image is © Rod Hunt.