Examining the Apple business model

We are attending this event on “Apple Business Model” sponsored by the Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change (Cresc) This workshop has a double aim. First, we aim to be more analytic about the Apple Inc’s company business model without assuming this is representative or transferable. Researchers will present argument and evidence about Apple’s multiple […]

Repairing mobiles in Nairobi – since 2001

We took this video in March 2012 during a visit to Kenya. We have known Ephraim Ngali for three years, and he has since been a saviour for personal and our friends’ devices. If a device is broken, Ephraim either already knows how to fix it, can call someone to access a spare part, or […]

“The curse of beautiful technology”

We enjoyed “Steve Jobs, Kraftwerk and The Curse of Beautiful Technology” by Joshua Kopstein on Motherboard. He touches on something really important here about the “man – machine relationship”, saying that “we must keep our desire for elegant technology in check.” He describes what he calls “the curse of beautiful technology” the confinement which leaves […]