2015 annual report

You can see our full annual report to the Charity Commission here.


In our third year we provided guidance and encouragement to groups around the world holding Restart Parties, with over 100 being held in 9 countries: Canada, lsrael, ltaly, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, UK (including Wales), and the US.  Within the UK, 3 community groups are regularly running events in Leicester, Hillingdon and Kilburn, and we continue to run free community events in London, where volunteers gave nearly 1,000 hours of their time to help fix.

Collectively we diverted over 700kg of electronics from from waste, which brings our cumulative total of carbon emissions avoided to an estimated 33 tons since we began – equivalent to driving 275,000km.

We are connecting with more people than ever through Twitter, Facebook and a new radio show with Resonance 104.4FM and a podcast. We were chosen as Talktalk Digital Heroes in the Sustainability category and selected by the Greater London Authority and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to join the Circular Economy 100 network.

Securing support from the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation will enable us to start developing activities which can be used in schools, in support of our aim to change behaviour and galvanise young people.

As a social enterprise we keen to develop services which can generate income to deliver our charitable objectives. In 2015 we delivered 19 “pop-up” repair clinics for a number of local authorities and universities, and a very successful series inside London’s Selfridges store.


Financial Report

Income in 2015

Type of income

Amount (£)

Trading income 35,948
Grants 59,600
Donations 3,342
Sponsorship      –
Other 18

Total Income



We achieved a large increase in our trading income this year, largely coming from delivery of pop-up repair events. Our grant income also increased and we are particularly pleased to be supported by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation for our community repair activity and to develop a new education project.  

Expenses in 2015

Type of Expense

Amount (£)

Staff costs 39,803
Operational expenses 30,646

Total Expenses



The majority of the personnel expenses (approximately £35,000) are for salaries of the two co-founders of the organisation, with the remainder going to draw in outside skills in design and capacity building. The largest items under operational expenses were development of our database of repairs and our impact (“The Fixometer”), office rent and payments for Restarters to deliver a growing number of events which were out main trading activity.

In 2015 our expenses exceeded our income by £28,459, a substantial increase on the year before, based on an increase in trading activity as well the grant from Esmee Fairbairn. Our unrestricted cash reserves at the end of the year were £17,739.