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A Restart Party is a free community repair event where volunteers help people fix their own broken or slow electronic devices and small appliances, to save them from waste and change our relationship with electronics.

We call them parties because they have a fun, ad-hoc spirit where all are welcome to meet, mingle, and share in the fun of repair.  Any group can throw a Restart Party anywhere. To throw your own Restart Party, we ask that you stick to a couple of simple guidelines.

1. Offer free entry to the public, although a donation can be suggested

2. Promote a collaborative learning process

3. Fix other stuff like bikes if you like but you’ll need at least 3-4 electronics repairers.

4. Communicate your party to The Restart Project in advance and share the results

5. Be insured! The Restart Project is not liable for events we do not organise. If uninsured, please work in partnership with a group that is.

PDF: Download a copy (3.6Mb) and if you’d like to print it, this is the high-res version (22.6Mb)


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