Measuring the impact of your Restart Party

While community repair events are about much more than diverting waste, measuring the impact of each event is a critical and memorable component.  We aim to keep a detailed log of all of the fixes we attempt–successful or not–at all of the community repair events in the Restarter Network around the world.  From this data, we can calculate both the impact of what we do and the results of our fixes, as well as gather comprehensive insight and data that can be used for product life cycle analysis and policy making for electronics.  

At the event

Filling in a flip chart of devices and issues

For each event, we aim to record details of:

  • The device, including the make and model number (taking a photo is often helpful);
  • The problem or issue the device is experiencing;
  • Whether or not the fix was successful, or if a fix could be successful but was not able to be completed, and details on why
  • Any additional comments

This is often done on a simple flip chart which also serves as a waiting list for those who have brought devices to fix.  After each fix, each participant is encouraged to check out with the event host and share any feedback about their experience of the repair and the party.  

The Fixometer

The Fixometer is our tool for measuring our impact

The Fixometer is our tool to calculate the social and environmental impact of community repair events.  It allows members of the Restarter Network to advertise Restart Parties and other community repair events prior to the event. Then after the event, hosts are encouraged to record the number of fixes and participants at each event, and calculate the amount of waste and carbon dioxide emissions prevented over time.  We can then produce statistics on our work in ways that are both understandable and engaging.  

Any group active in repairing electronics–Restarters, community groups, makerspaces, repair cafes, schools and other educational institutions, and more–is welcome to make use of the Fixometer and measure their impact.  

For more information and to request login credentials for the Fixometer please contact us 

Read more about the Fixometer

Read the Fixometer Users Guide for Restart Party Hosts



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