Trustee Vacancy

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Do you share our frustration with throwaway electronics and the growing mountain of e-waste? Join us as a trustee at The Restart Project and help us to fix this.

Who we are?

The Restart Project is a social enterprise and volunteer-driven movement to encourage and empower people to use their electronics longer and better in order to reduce waste and radically transform our relationship with technology.

We run community electronics repair events in London, called Restart Parties, and help others outside of London replicate them. At these, volunteers learn how to repair their broken electronics, and rethink how they consume them in the first place. And we use the data and stories we collect to help demand better, more sustainable electronics for all.

We started hosting Restart Parties in London in 2012 and registered as a charity in 2013. Our core staff team consists of 6.5 FTE and we work with a network of volunteers and freelance consultants to deliver projects. Though we started locally with hands-on community activities, our mission is big: to “fix” our throw-away relationship with electronics, so that we become happier and more sustainable.

What you will be doing?

As a member of our board, you’ll join a group of dedicated trustees who are passionate about our work, who feel pride in what we’ve achieved and are excited about our ambitions for the future.

The trustees are collectively responsible for the overall governance and strategic direction, and for developing our aims, objectives and strategy in accordance with governing documents, and legal and regulatory guidelines.

What are we looking for?

Trustees have the following responsibilities:

  • To ensure we comply with our governing document, charity law, company law and any other relevant legislation or regulations;
  • To set the strategic direction with the team;
  • To provide advice, guidance and support to staff;
  • To ensure the financial stability of The Restart Project;
  • To bring insight and perspective through relevant experience;
  • To demonstrate a commitment to the vision, values and objectives of The Restart Project;
  • To adhere to the principles of equality, inclusivity and diversity;
  • To attend Board meetings which are held four times a year. From time to time, there may be other events, meetings or functions to which Trustees will be invited.
  • To understand and accept the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of being a trustee;
  • To have a passion for electronics, waste prevention or fixing and/or making.

In this round of trustee recruitment, we would particularly welcome applications from people with experience in some of these areas:

  • Fundraising, both corporate and institutional;
  • Design and digital;
  • Civic technology and software;
  • Data analysis or business intelligence;
  • Communications, marketing and public relations;
  • Political strategy and policy;
  • People (AKA “human resources”)
  • Grassroots campaigning activities.

Having trustees with a mix of backgrounds, approaches and perspectives leads to better decision-making and we are happy to receive applications from anyone wanting to make a difference. Applications will be particularly welcome from underrepresented groups, such as (but not limited to) young people, people from BAME backgrounds, and women.

What difference will you make?

Our vision is to fix our relationship with electronics, with people and the planet at the centre.

We have three main objectives:

  1. Change in perceptions and behaviours – people use stuff longer and appreciate it more
  2. Emergence of dense networks (composed of community groups, makerspaces, schools, SMEs, local authorities) – promoting a people-centred resource efficiency
  3. Devices that are sustainable and effective standards for resource-efficient electronics

Our current projects include:

  • EU project ShaRepair– Digital Support Infrastructure for Citizens in the Repair Economy (Interreg). This is a broad project which will cover our work on data, software development, community development and campaigning.
  • The Right to Repair campaign requires products to be designed for repair and provides support for repairers of all kinds. The Campaign is continuing to gain momentum with stunts, actions & policy work with our partners across Europe.

What’s in it for you?

The Restart Project is now delivering its current strategy to tackle these challenges and this is an opportunity to be at the heart of driving forward this work.

To apply, please send a short statement and your CV outlining why you want to become a trustee at The Restart Project to [email protected] by 17th July.