Who we are

We’re registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) – and we rely on the following humans.


These are the people who run the project, in alphabetical order.

Frances Cresswell, Operations Lead

Frances Cresswell

Operations Lead

Frances has previously worked in regeneration in the South Bank area for many years, before joining in January 2018. She has an MA in Victorian Studies, a BA in literature and recently completed a course in counselling studies. She moved to South London on a temporary basis almost 20 years ago and is still there.
Janet Gunter, Outreach Lead, Co-founder

Janet Gunter

Outreach Lead, Co-founder

Janet is an American/British activist, anthropologist who has lived and worked in Brazil, East Timor, Portugal and Mozambique. She has lived in Brixton, south London, for 10 years and feels at home there.
Neil Mather, Tech and Data Lead

Neil Mather

Tech and Data Lead

Neil is a London-based coder and tinkerer from up North, having found his way down to the capital via studying flocks of birds and algorithms in Brighton. A keen supporter of libre software and open-source, he believes strongly in the indie, decentralised web, and likes a good algorave now and again.
Chloé Mikolajczak, Campaigner

Chloé Mikolajczak


Chloé is a Brussels based environmentalist who is passionate about making policy transparent and inclusive. With a background in sustainable fashion and campaigning, she'll be coordinating the right to repair european campaign's efforts. She is also a vegan, and watches too many Ted talks.
James Pickstone, Online Community Lead

James Pickstone

Online Community Lead

James is a tech-obsessed online community manager with a background in youth work. As the new Online Community Lead, his focus will be on supporting events outside London and fixing up our online spaces.
Ten, Volunteer Advocate


Volunteer Advocate

Ten is a long-time Restarter who is helping organise our London events and our upcoming move. 'Born and Bred' in South-East London, his second language is Polish and he plays extended keyboard. He loves tinkering, cycling, and hates waste in all its forms.
Ugo Vallauri, Policy Lead, Co-founder

Ugo Vallauri

Policy Lead, Co-founder

Ugo is an Italian researcher with an MPhil in Geography. He is a Fellow of the Shuttleworth Foundation, focusing on openness in the repair economy. He worked with the Slow Food movement, then for Computer Aid International in Kenya. He left his heart in Nairobi, and now lives in Camden.

Volunteers & Community Coordinators

In addition to fixers, we rely on a team of volunteers and coordinators to help in the office and to lead our community.

Stefania Fantini, Operations

Stefania Fantini


Stefania is a sound recordist who enjoys repairing at Restart Parties. She describes herself as an 'independent, non-trivial, community being.' She is helping with numerous operations and data-related tasks in our office.
Halima Koundi, London volunteer coordinator

Halima Koundi

London volunteer coordinator

Halima is a French/Moroccan London-based software developer, volunteering with the Restart Project, co-organising the Rosie Restarter skill shares to encourage women to tinker and become restarter volunteers.
Philip Le Riche, Community Coordinator – Repair Wiki

Philip Le Riche

Community Coordinator – Repair Wiki

Philip probably learned to read a circuit diagram before he leaned to read English and has always loved tinkering with electronics and computers. But he equally enjoys sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm through the written word, so as soon as it was invented he threw himself into the Restart Wiki.
Tim Shand, North London Events Coordinator

Tim Shand

North London Events Coordinator

Tim is a Brit/Kiwi eco-worrier living undercover as a business analyst in North London. Tim feels happy when things work properly and is trying really hard to be a better person.
Ben Skidmore, London volunteer coordinator

Ben Skidmore

London volunteer coordinator

Ben is a musician, guitar maker and lifelong tinkerer, who uses his boundless energy to help young people to get excited about STEM and repair. He worked as a guitar maker and repairer, made bicycle-powered electronic installations and has recently started working in the broadcast industry.

Our “Restarters”

Our parties wouldn’t happen without our volunteer Restarters. From talented fixers to party organisers, here are just a few of our regulars.


Our trustees

Our trustees provide advice, and help us stay on course.

Karien Bezuidenhout is a director of the Shuttleworth Foundation, supporting individuals and organisations with innovative ideas to make the world a better place. She helps them to get from conception to fulfilling their vision.

James Carrigan is a trained designer but identifies as a problem solver and absolutely loves creative challenges. As the co-founder of Fixperts and Sugru it’s fair to say that fixing stuff is in his bones.

Gavin Conway is an avid fixer, DIY’er and tinkerer of all things mechanical and co-founder of Tea and Crafting – a home for hobby craft in London. He’s an expert in start-up, fast growth marketing for the likes of Airbnb and Google Nest Labs.  

Tim Gonzaga is a Technical and Training Assistant Director at Kingston Smith, a firm of accountants. He works with a variety of charity clients and is the firm’s expert on charity financial reporting.

Friederike Hanisch has co-founded and been co-hosting Hackney Fixers for years. By day she is Senior Manager for the C40 Divest/Invest Forum, and previously established and ran ShareAction’s the European Responsible Investment Network.

Mike Tuffrey is cofounder of the business consultancy, Corporate Citizenship, treasurer of the New Economics Foundation and a former London Assembly member.

Dr. Niall Winters is an Associate Professor of Learning and New Technologies at the Department of Education, University of Oxford. He researches how educational interventions can help address inequality.


Staff alumni

Lauren Collee

Isabel Lopez Lopez-Neira

Kathryn Packer

Nikhita Paturu

Ellie Smith



Everyone brings valuable experience to a party to share, whether they’re aware of it or not. Bring us your smashed phones, your silent alarm clocks, your truculent toasters! Share your knowledge, hopes and dreams! Learn through doing! Come to a party!