The Bloom Laptop
A prototype for a computer easy to disassemble and recycle

Bringing a fair smartphone to the market – one made of parts produced and utilised without harming individuals or the environment.

Manifesto for the New Materialism
A crucial 6-step manifesto to rethink the way we relate to material things. Read it, and never forget about it!

MIT Media Lab DIY Mobile Kit
Wood-based mobile prototype would eventually ship with a circuit board, control pad, a fairly beefy antenna and a monochrome LCD. Fully functional and SIM-ready.

My BFF phone
Concept for a phone that helps “forge a deep emotional relationship with our gadgets, deep enough to hang on to them for quite some time”

Open IDEO’s E-waste Design Challenge
We participated in this Challenge – which generated a number of great ideas.

This concept for a modular mobile phone generated a groundswell of interest.

An open project to build servers in a jerrycan, using free software and reused components