Annual reports

As a charitable incorporated organisation, we report on a yearly basis to the Charity Commission, and we will share yearly reports on our achievements, impact and finances here.

2020 Narrative Report (Financial Report pending)

We adapted to the pandemic, creating new educational resources, hosting Fixfest UK online and focusing on our data. Read more.

2019 Narrative and Financial Report

We helped found the European Right to Repair campaign, started new educational outreach and grew our online community. Read more.

2018 Narrative and Financial Report

This is the year we began campaigning for the Right to Repair, both in the UK and in Europe. Read more.

2017 Narrative and Financial Report

We hosted the first-ever Fixfest, co-founded the Open Repair Alliance and celebrated the first International Repair Day, and more.

2016 Narrative and Financial Report

This was a big year for us, as we raised more funds, and were poised to grow our team. Read more.

2015 Narrative and Financial Report

Read more about what we did, where we got our money from and how we spend it here.

2014 Financial Report

Read it here. Also look at our comprehensive Impact Report for a narrative update.

2013 Narrative and Financial Report

This was our first Annual Report – capturing our development as a young organisation.

Download a copy.