Starting restart in schools

This month, we will begin a ten-session enrichment programme with students at the Archer Academy, a school in North London. We will start with a dive into why we need to change our relationship with electronic and get hands-on.

Our plans for 2018

We had a huge year last year, thanks to a larger team and steady funding support and our core of dedicated volunteers in London. In 2018, we look to build on last year’s work and add a couple of small new exciting projects.

Guest post: Repairing the ZX Spectrum – better than new

Restarter Steve Cook refurbished his ZX Spectrum, a long and involved process which involved help from online enthusiasts of this 1980s computer. It’s now better than it was when new, and Steve takes us on a tour of the ZX Spectrum’s past and future.

Why we care about recycling

We have a keen interest in electronics recycling for the simple reason that the harder it is to recycle something, the harder it is to fix it first. Fixers have similar needs to recyclers – ease of disassembly and documentation for disassembly.

Guest post: The meaning of community repair

Maker and Hackney Fixer Bridget Harvey shares some insights in the deeper meanings of community repair. This guest blog post was originally a lightning talk delivered at Fixfest in October 2017.