Restart Radio: Firefox OS for phones is over and the Bolivian WALL-E

In this episode, we share some favourite repairs from 2015, then discussed the implications of the end of Firefox OS for phones; whether we should buy extended warranties for gadgets, and an inspiring story from Bolivia


Restart Radio: The Big Fix and the art of glitches

In this show, we featured the “Big Fix”, Hackney’s festival of repair taking place this Saturday and in contrast, the wave of consumerist events leading us to the end of the year.


Restart Radio: from repairing bikes to smartphones

Two Restarters share a passion for fixing and for bicycles, so we discussed the difference between repairing bikes, which use standard, interchangeable spare parts and laptops and mobiles, which rarely do.


Restart Radio: shopping malls and six-pack of tablets

This week, we talked with Restarter Dave Lukes about a wind-up radio he recently repaired and about the importance of running Restart Parties in shopping malls and Amazon’s tablet “six pack”