Restart @school Session 6: Mobiles, lithium batteries and critical raw materials

Mobiles help us talk about miniaturisation – and material consequences. We delved into the topic of “critical raw materials”, learning about recycling rates, and need to slow our consumption. Then we changed mobile batteries

Tim Hunkin in his workshop

Restart Podcast Ep. 21: Tim Hunkin and the Secret Life of Machines

The universe of Tim Hunkin is one of whirring gears, flashing lights and strange characters: but underneath the fun and frivolity is an in-depth examination of the history of society’s relationship with technology.

Restart @school session 5: Understanding Upgradability and Laptop Maintenance

Our first repair session – and the students were super excited to learn and show their skills in disassembly. Archer Academy’s IT Manager Khalid provided laptops with broken screens. We started with laptop fundamentals.

safecast map of radiation

Restart Radio: DIY radiation monitoring with Safecast and ransomware attacks

From Citizen Science projects to community-run operating systems, we examine how we can have more of a say in how to keep ourselves safe.

visitors using 90s apple computers at 64 Bits

Restart Radio: Digital archaeology with Jim Boulton

Janet and Neil are joined by Jim Boulton, ‘digital archaeologist’ and curator of the exhibition 64 Bits, a project that chronicles the history of the World Wide Web.

Summer Reading list

What’s on your reading list?

Reading anything interesting at the moment? We want your recommendations for our summer reading list!

Tad Vaas

Restart Radio: TFix and ‘better than new’ repairs

We talk to Tad Vaas from T-Fix, a repair centre in South London that mixes corporate and consumer repairs with a very interesting twist.

Friche installation at 3-Space

Restart Radio: The parallel worlds of the tinkerer and the grower

Today we talk to Lou and Ed from design studio Friche about what the world of electronics can learn from the world of urban food growing.

Learning more about Restart Party participants

We are publishing findings of a research project with Nottingham Trent University to find out more about participants to Restart Parties

Shenzhen SEG Plaza

Restart Podcast Ep. 20: Maker culture in Shenzhen and sustainable design

Today we talk to David Li, founder of Open Innovation Lab, about maker culture in the city of Shenzhen: home to more than 4000 design firms.

Repair in school, around the world

We are seeing hints that electronics repair is spreading and proliferating in both primary and secondary school, in Europe and North America.

trop vite usé logo

Restart Radio: Sensing gadget failures and frustrations in Belgium

Consumer organisation Test-Achats in Belgium uses crowdsourcing to identify ‘hot-spots’ of consumer frustration and investigate the gadgets that keep breaking.

Restart @school session 4: Researching and getting organised for repair

We were encouraged to stress organisation, preparation and mindful disassembly with year 10 students at Archer Academy in London. Our game controller disassembly and reassembly session worked really well.

Stratford computer Fair

Restart Radio: The Past and Future of London’s Computer Fairs

A visit to Stratford Computer Fair reveals that face-to-face electronic repair and sales are not yet things of the past.

Student Restarters at Fieldston School

The Restart Podcast Ep. 19: High school repair and the next generation of Restarters

Today we head to the US, where a group of high-school students and teachers talk to us about an exciting project that began as a pop-up stall in a library.

silhouette of Apple geniuses in front of window

Restart Radio: Behind the Apple Genius Bar

Those who make it behind the Genius Bar are under legal obligation to not disclose information about Apple. Today we investigate the tech giant’s attitude to repair with the help of some anonymous ex-Geniuses and online forum Reddit.

Restart @school session 3: Safety and taking electronics apart

In our third session with Archer Academy students, we finally got hands-on with gadgets. But not before we took a couple moments to talk about safety.

Raspberry Pi 3

Restart Radio: The small but powerful Raspberry Pi

On the 14th of March, International ‘Pi Day’, Ugo is joined by Restart volunteer Ben Skidmore and Eben Upton, creator of the Raspberry Pi: a tiny and affordable computer that can be used to teach programming to children and adults, and gives new life to old hardware.

Restart @school session 2: Our stress, worker stress

How often do we connect our own predicament with those across the world? In Session 2 of our pilot enrichment project at Archer Academy, we tried to associate the stress we feel in our consumerist, status-focused society with that transferred to workers.

David Li of Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab

Coming soon: David Li in conversation

Coming soon to Restart Radio: the view from Shenzhen on the future of electronics with David Li, director of Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab.