An 80s Kenwood Chef on the repair bench

Guest post: Old versus new, which is best?

Guest post by Fix It Workshop’s Matt Marchant: “Believe it or not, people do ask me which is best: New or old machines? There is of course, no right or wrong answer. My illustration focuses on an old favourite of mine; the Kenwood Chef.”

Exploring our repair data and our environmental impact together

We’ve been hard at work here at Restart on a new project to explore our repair data and our environmental impact together. We’re happy to announce the support of ACTION (Participatory science toolkit against pollution) project, who are helping us incorporate “citizen science” approaches to our data work. 

Materials matter landscape image

Dive into the life of your phone

We’re launching, Materials Matter an educational site allowing you to explore the life of your smartphone. We developed this website with support from EIT Raw Materials together with partners of the Replay Project