Danny and Karen with a repair friend in Victoria, Australia

Restart Podcast Ep. 49: Tinker travelling with Mend It, Australia

Two tinker-travelling retirees from Melbourne, Australia fill our podcast with positive energy and joy this month. Dave talks to Karen and Danny, who spend their weekends travelling and helping new community repair groups get started in their homestate of Victoria.

Lambeth business AGT in action at International Repair Day

Repair Directory expanded – and more in the pipeline

We’ve added south London borough Lambeth to our Repair Directory, and we’re getting ready to add more in the coming year, together with our London community. We’ve also made a change to reliability criteria for businesses.

Restart Radio Top 5 from 2019

We had a great year on Restart Radio, with interviews about asteroids, space junk in Earth orbit, solar lamps, the climate crisis, art and activism in India, and two inspiring  episodes from northwest England. Please enjoy our Top 5 Radio shows!

Getting ready for 2020

We’re getting our calendar ready for the beginning of 2020. The first months of the year are a great time to recruit new volunteers, engage the public on the issues underpinning our throw-away economy, but also to eat cake, to share hot drinks and connect with neighbours.