Earth Overshoot and World Wide Web Day

Every year, “Earth Overshoot Day” is an awful day on the Anthropocene calendar. It is the day in the year by which humans will have taken more from the earth than the planet can naturally renew. This year, Earth Overshoot Day coincides with World Wide Web day.

A Tesla with door falling off

Lessons from a “rogue” backyard mechanic

We respond to a mini documentary about ‘Dr. Tesla Frankenstein’ who shares the obstacles to DIY repairs of Tesla cars. He is a firm believer in the right to repair and poses very important questions about ownership and the future.

Huawei’s smashing spectacle of planetary significance

The company asked people to queue in Soho for the opportunity to smash up their existing mobile phone, and win a new mobile. We immediately shared our disgust with this spectacle, which seemed to promote destruction of functioning mobiles, that could have second and third lives.