Professor Ross Anderson, Software expert

Restart Podcast Ep 31: Software obsolescence with Ross Anderson

We interview Professor Ross Anderson, an expert on Security Engineering at Cambridge University. We discuss the problem of software obsolescence – how devices can stop working due to software, not just their physical components.

Internet health – curing toxic and throw-away economies

“Internet health” has multiple, connected meanings. And the crisis in trust goes far beyond privacy concerns, it reaches deep into other connected institutions: electronic supply chains, threats to the “right to repair” and recycling systems.

sea turtle

Restart Radio: Wildlife conservation and the role of open, repairable technology

Ugo interviews Alasdair Davies, a conservation technologist who works on bringing affordable, customisable and repairable open hardware technology to people working on conservation projects.

Take action on E-waste for Earth Day

We’ve been hearing a lot about plastic waste this year. There’s a growing social taboo around plastic bags and people are starting to connect personal plastic consumption to impacts on the natural world. Don’t get me wrong, this is great – but what about electronic waste? After all we do live in the digital age […]

visitors using 90s apple computers at 64 Bits

A new online home for the Restart community

Take our survey here Five years ago, a small group of people gathered in a pub in London and brought new life to an alarm clock, a Nokia phone and a printer. They were driven by a sense that our relationship with electronics is broken and that through repair, they could fix not only devices […]