climate anxiety

Restart Radio: Climate anxiety and deep adaptation

A climate emergency has been all over the news recently. We talk about the public state of anxiety in the face of climate change and we discuss how our lives might need to change in response to this threat.

Restarter profile: Meet Steve

Steve is a life-long tinkerer and fixer, who loves the “Marie Kondo” repairs the best — the ones that spark joy. He enjoys repurposing electronics with his kids, cycling and running. He still remembers his first repair – a Walkman – at age 10.

1,000 events logged in our network

We’re celebrating having reached 1,000 events logged in our repairs database, affectionately known as the Fixometer. We started alone in London in 2014 on this project, and we have 110 groups in 12 countries who have logged events and contributed repair data to our network.

Restart Podcast Ep. 42: A computer clinic for (and by) the community

We travel to the northwest of England to meet Dave and Anne Carlos, co-founders of the West Fleetwood Computer Clinic. Set up by the Emmanuel Church, this Computer Clinic serves the community by lowering people’s barriers to technology, while making devices last for longer.