Restart Radio Takeover: Why we repair in the community

We’re trying something new. Our volunteers are a crucial part of our work at Restart, and frequently appear as guests on our show. This week, and once a month from this week onwards, we hand them the reins. It’s a takeover.

Our plans for 2018

We had a huge year last year, thanks to a larger team and steady funding support and our core of dedicated volunteers in London. In 2018, we look to build on last year’s work and add a couple of small new exciting projects.

Restart Radio: World Radio Day and electronics in the wake of Brexit

On International World Radio Day, Ugo is joined by Ben Skidmore to discuss the future of FM radio, and the future of electronic manufacturing more broadly in a post-Brexit world.

Guest post: Repairing the ZX Spectrum – better than new

Restarter Steve Cook refurbished his ZX Spectrum, a long and involved process which involved help from online enthusiasts of this 1980s computer. It’s now better than it was when new, and Steve takes us on a tour of the ZX Spectrum’s past and future.

Restart Podcast Ep 29: Tracing global flows of electronic ‘discards’ with Josh Lepawsky

We talk to Josh Lepawksy – Associate professor in Geography at the Memorial University of Newfoundland – about his work in the field of ‘Discard Studies’, examining the way discarded products move through the world.