Ada Lovelace, 19th century programmer

Restart Radio: Ada Lovelace Day and the stories of women in STEM

In this episode, Janet and Isabel interview Suw Charman-Anderson, founder of the Ada Lovelace Day (ALD), which annually supports and increases the visibility of women in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

phone, dark background, illuminated

Restart Radio Takeover: Why we replace our phones

In our monthly Radio “takeover”, we have Ben Skidmore, Panda and Steve Cook discussing our relationship with phones. What makes us replace them and how can they last for longer? We discuss repairability and software support looking at the latest smartphones.

The crime of disposability

We’ve repaired for over five years in our communities. Now we are witnessing worrying developments, including the emergence of products that are simply — and unnecessarily — disposable. Some are even single-use.

Interview at Fixfest

Thirty cheers for our podcaster Dave Pickering

Thanks to Dave Pickering, who has now produced 30 engaging documentary podcasts for us! This is a real milestone. Besides Ugo and Janet, he is the person who has been longest working for The Restart Project.

organisers Afrotech Fest, Afrofuturism

Restart Podcast Ep 30: Afrotech Fest and Afrofuturism

We interview Florence Okoye and Debs Durojaiye, two of the organisers of the Afrotech Fest in London. We talk about the experience and representation of black people in tech and we discuss the meanings of Afrofuturism.