Our Restart Party in Parliament

We fixed electronics together with MPs, hosted by Helen Hayes MP. As ever, fixing is a way into important conversations about why so much breaks and why we discard so much.

Calling student leaders!

We’re recruiting a couple of student leaders of secondary school age to help lay the foundations for a global student campaign against our throw-away relationship with electronics.

Restart Radio: Connected device horrors

Appliances hijacked for cyber attacks, 11-hour cups of tea, hacked Barbie dolls, and angry family members – some dangers of connected, smart homes. Caution is required with “the internet of things”

Restart Radio: Have we taken thin too far?

We talk about the downside to miniaturised and thin devices, discussing serious trade-offs and how Samsung locked itself into a disastrous design with the now-infamous Note 7

Restart Podcast Ep 14: Boosting reuse

Why do perfectly useable products end up in the shredder, when so many people go without? We interview Cat Fletcher, one of the UK’s most articulate and passionate reuse activists.

We’re touring London – join us!

Through December, you can join us on our virtual tour bus round 14 London boroughs. Our Restart the Capital tour of London, supported by Recycle for London is taking us to new places, as well as to old friends who regularly run Restart Parties in their community.

Invite your MP to repair with us!

We would love our friends and supporters to invite their MPs to fix with us at a November Restart Party in Parliament. The time is ripe for government to feel what needs to change!

Restart Radio: Revealing our repair economy

Some kinds of repair businesses are getting harder to find! We talked to Hackney Fixer James Diamond about mapping he is doing with us, for the East London Waste Authority, on repair businesses in east London.

Restart Radio: The age of the remote kill switch

This week a couple of tech stories had us considering the age we live in, and how software can be used to “kill” hardware or enforce obsolescence at scale. We talked about the risks of having many of our gadgets on networks and what “ownership” really means today.

Sorry, we haven’t reached ‘peak stuff’

This narrative frame of “peak stuff” is particularly dangerous because it suggests we are overcoming global, future resource depletion like we *are doing* with ozone, or we think we already did with acid rain. It lulls us into a very false sense of complacency.

Restart Party Host Profile: Meet Tim

Tim hosts Restart Parties in greater Camden. He’s a “seasoned eco-worrier” who likes seeing people happy when they learn and get stuff repaired. He works four days a week at Haringey Council, and volunteers as well as working on personal projects.

Restart Podcast Ep 13: Updates… the good, the bad and the meh

Updates are a necessary, sometimes frustrating, part of our software-powered world. We talk to Fairphone developer Dirk Vogt and PC Pro journalist Darien Graham-Smith about why updates are needed, and what makes a good update.

Restart Radio: 3D printing, from prosthetics to blender spare parts

Our friend Paul Sohi shared exciting projects he works on with Autodesk, including a prosthetic for a paralympian and preservation for museums. For us, 3D printing also opens up new possibilities in the manufacture and distribution of spare parts.

Restart Radio: Eco-labelling of laptops

We interviewed environmental journalist Maxine Perella about positive changes announced by the European Commission to “eco-labelling” of laptops and portable computers. The changes start to take into account laptop’s full lifecycle, and if adopted, will help in upgrades and repairs.

Restart Radio: A phone box turns repair shop

Alex Perjescu is co-founder of Lovefone, a London-based mobile phone repair company. We talk to him about their latest project: a repair shop in an iconic London red phone box in Greenwich

Fixing is our War on Waste

We were on the popular TV series Hugh’s War on Waste last night on BBC One! A couple of months back, we made a special trip to Stroud to run a Restart Party with Transition Stroud

Restart Radio: How long our stuff should last

Researcher Alex Gnanapragasam focuses on sustainable consumption and product lifetimes – we talked about what consumers say they want and what they do. We perceive things don’t last – so how can we help people keep things for longer?

Summer reading list v 3.0

This year, everything feels very near-future. In some sense, the books we have listed here represent the need to understand now in terms of possible, increasingly tangible futures.

Restart Radio: Mobile and retro-gaming (Pokémon GO content warning!)

We talk about Pokémon GO, a mobile gaming sensation raising fascinating questions about the future of mobile and about the staying-power of games. And trends in retro-gaming proves they can last!

Restart Radio: A community repair revival in Argentina

Marina, co-founder of Buenos Aires’ Club de Reparadores told us all about the state of waste, reuse, and repair in Argentina. Her “repair club” is inspiring hundreds and thousands of people to prevent waste.