Ugo's mended headphones

Restart Radio: The Future of Personal Listening

Our headphones are some of our most-used and best-loved devices. But how do we pick the right pair, and what do we do when they break? And what about the future?

Restart Radio Top 10 from 2016

The holidays can feel overwhelming, so we present over five hours of our favourite radio shows and podcasts, including geek, tinkerer, designer and academic guests that help put everything into new perspective.

Protesters holding Fuel Poverty banner

Restart Radio: The Challenges of Winter

It’s our last radio show of the year, and the weather is getting colder. This week we take a look at Norwegian repair culture, before turning back to the UK, where the growing fuel poverty problem needs some serious attention.

Restart Radio: E-toys and connected toys

The UK toy market is the largest in the world. As we approach Christmas, how can we reduce the number of electronic toys that end up as rubbish?

Restart Podcast Ep. 16: Steve the Spindoctor (part 2 of 2)

In part two of our two-part series, we join Steve the Spindoctor on another repair trip, and talk to Restarters in Camden about their repair experiences.

We need your support!

We’re small but we’re growing to help push for better products, based on our experience helping people fix electronics in communities. Please support us to bring higher-level change

Logo for Steve the Spindoctor

Restart Podcast Ep 15: Steve the Spindoctor (Part 1 of 2)

We talk to Steve Neil in his repair van and clients’ homes about his work ethic, the trials of being self-employed, and why some machines seem to break so often.

Restart Radio: Black Friday and consumer confidence

With Black Friday coming this week, we discuss whether more people buying more shiny new stuff is really an indication of a healthy economy, and what to make of conflicting “consumer confidence” headlines.

Restart Radio: Policy tips from Brussels

What does Brexit have to do with undercooked toast? Nothing and everything. This week we discuss how policy can help fix our throwaway economy.

Restart Radio: Restarting in Leicester

Marie Lefebvre and Divya Pujara of the Leicester Fixers have been hosting Restart Parties in Leicester for a year now. Marie is a Phd researcher with a keen interest in sustainability and Divya is an electrical engineer, teacher and member of Leicester Hackspace.

We’ve moved!

We moved back in with our friends from 3Space, an excellent charity that provides space for other charities. But we’ll miss Makerversity, our home for three years, where we collaborated with great people.

Our Restart Party in Parliament

We fixed electronics together with MPs, hosted by Helen Hayes MP. As ever, fixing is a way into important conversations about why so much breaks and why we discard so much.

Calling student leaders!

We’re recruiting a couple of student leaders of secondary school age to help lay the foundations for a global student campaign against our throw-away relationship with electronics.

Restart Radio: Connected device horrors

Appliances hijacked for cyber attacks, 11-hour cups of tea, hacked Barbie dolls, and angry family members – some dangers of connected, smart homes. Caution is required with “the internet of things”

Restart Radio: Have we taken thin too far?

We talk about the downside to miniaturised and thin devices, discussing serious trade-offs and how Samsung locked itself into a disastrous design with the now-infamous Note 7

Restart Podcast Ep 14: Boosting reuse

Why do perfectly useable products end up in the shredder, when so many people go without? We interview Cat Fletcher, one of the UK’s most articulate and passionate reuse activists.

We’re touring London – join us!

Through December, you can join us on our virtual tour bus round 14 London boroughs. Our Restart the Capital tour of London, supported by Recycle for London is taking us to new places, as well as to old friends who regularly run Restart Parties in their community.

Invite your MP to repair with us!

We would love our friends and supporters to invite their MPs to fix with us at a November Restart Party in Parliament. The time is ripe for government to feel what needs to change!

Restart Radio: Revealing our repair economy

Some kinds of repair businesses are getting harder to find! We talked to Hackney Fixer James Diamond about mapping he is doing with us, for the East London Waste Authority, on repair businesses in east London.

Restart Radio: The age of the remote kill switch

This week a couple of tech stories had us considering the age we live in, and how software can be used to “kill” hardware or enforce obsolescence at scale. We talked about the risks of having many of our gadgets on networks and what “ownership” really means today.