Fixing a broken system

We live in a throwaway economy that produces e-waste, emissions and frustration. But together we’re taking action for a more fixable future.

Here’s how we campaign for repair-friendly policy in the UK and across the rest of Europe as well as raise the profile of repair globally.

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Why does repair matter?

Every year, we produce over 53.6 million tonnes of electronic waste. At the same time, manufacturing new devices fuels biodiversity loss, exploitation and greenhouse gas emissions. But by using products for longer—and repairing them when they break—we can slow these processes down, reducing our impact on the planet.


UK Repair & Reuse Declaration

The UK is the second highest producer of electronic waste per capita in the world. So we’re calling on politicians to make the UK a leader by removing barriers to repair and reuse. Our Repair and Reuse declaration has been signed by hundreds of community groups, allied organisations and businesses and endorsed by a growing list of MPs.

A large group of people, some holding giant tools and signing a large document labelled 'The UK Repair and Reuse Declaration'

Right to Repair

We are part of the global movement to make sure everyone has the right to fix the products they own. By changing regulations on how our electronics are made and expanding our rights after purchase, we aim to make them easy and affordable to repair for everyone.

Four people sitting in front of a graffiti wall reading 'Fixing Factory'


Right to Repair Europe

Four people sitting in front of a graffiti wall reading 'Fixing Factory'

As proud co-founders of the European Right to Repair Campaign, we’re successfully pushing for pro-repair policies in the EU and beyond. From street protests to technical policy papers, our calls for a universal Right to Repair are helping make products easier to fix.


International Repair Day

Repair Day 2023 posters in different languages

The third Saturday of October is International Repair Day, an annual celebration we developed with support from our partners in the Open Repair Alliance. Each year we come together to build recognition for repair, connect communities across all continents and celebrate the role we all play in making repair the norm.

Repair Day 2023 posters in different languages

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