The Restart community is made up of a whole range of people: trained Restarters who help people learn to fix their broken stuff at our Restart Parties, hosts and organizers, and everyone who comes along to take part.

There are many different ways you can get involved. Come along any time to a Restart Party near you and see how it all works, or have a look through our community blog for exciting announcements, opportunities and tips.

Take action on E-waste for Earth Day

We’ve been hearing a lot about plastic waste this year. There’s a growing social taboo around plastic bags and people are starting to connect personal plastic consumption to impacts on the natural world. Don’t get me wrong, this is great – but what about electronic waste? After all we do live in the digital age […]

visitors using 90s apple computers at 64 Bits

A new online home for the Restart community

Take our survey here Five years ago, a small group of people gathered in a pub in London and brought new life to an alarm clock, a Nokia phone and a printer. They were driven by a sense that our relationship with electronics is broken and that through repair, they could fix not only devices […]

Interview at Fixfest

Thirty cheers for our podcaster Dave Pickering

Thanks to Dave Pickering, who has now produced 30 engaging documentary podcasts for us! This is a real milestone. Besides Ugo and Janet, he is the person who has been longest working for The Restart Project.

Changing attitudes and actions: research with Nottingham Trent University

We don’t measure success simply by the number of objects fixed – success also comes in the form of changed attitudes, greater confidence, more enthusiasm for repair, or understanding of our wider patterns of resource use.

Restarter Profile: Meet Stefania

An Italian sound engineer, she shocked her future course convenors by acing the entrance exam, as a woman. Stefania loves repairing at community events because it helps her feel connected to others.