The Restart community is made up of a whole range of people: trained Restarters who help people learn to fix their broken stuff at our Restart Parties, hosts and organizers, and everyone who comes along to take part.

There are many different ways you can get involved. Come along any time to a Restart Party near you and see how it all works, or have a look through our community blog for exciting announcements, opportunities and tips.

Monique teaching women how to build their own PC

Restarter profile: Meet Monique

Monique is a software developer who loves simple fixes and a decent pair of shoes. She fondly remembers her math teacher who abandoned the curriculum to teach her Fortran.

Guest post: Hopeful Repair, Repairing Hopefully

An attempt at repair-making is always a risk, and so must be accompanied with a side order of hope. Through repetition and practice, repair-skills grow and spread and, through time, many small actions become bigger ones, many hopes join together.

What do we care about? The results from our community survey.

Community survey: the results are in!

We recently surveyed the Restart community and those curious about getting involved. We wanted to take the pulse – hear what is working and what could be improved to help us shape a new online space for everyone. Thanks to 117 of you from 18 countries who took part. Here’s what you said

Take action on E-waste for Earth Day

Just shy of 50 million tonnes of e-waste will be produced globally in this year. Earth Day 2018 takes place on 22nd April, it is a global moment of civic and political action to protect our shared home. The Restart Project is calling for action on e-waste this Earth Day!

visitors using 90s apple computers at 64 Bits

A new online home for the Restart community

We want to build a new, central space for the whole Restart community – a space to complement or even replace some of the many current channels. But we need your feedback to make it work!