The Restart community is made up of a whole range of people: trained Restarters who help people learn to fix their broken stuff at our Restart Parties, hosts and organizers, and everyone who comes along to take part.

There are many different ways you can get involved. Come along any time to a Restart Party near you and see how it all works, or have a look through our community blog for exciting announcements, opportunities and tips.

The very first International Repair Day

We celebrated the first ever International Repair Day, which will fall on the third Saturday of October every year from now on. We’re just getting started, and next year will be much bigger.

First International #RepairDay – this Saturday 21st October

International Repair Day – Saturday, 21st October 2017, is our chance to shout about the importance of repair and the growing global community repair movement. This year is only the beginning!

Announcing the International Day of Repair and introducing the Open Repair Alliance

Open Repair Alliance founding members include The Restart Project (UK), Repair Café Foundation (Holland), Anstiftung Foundation (Germany), Fixit Clinic (US) alongside iFixit.

Fixfest’s visual rallying cry

Our friend, Buenos Aires repair activist, designer Marina Pla to help us come up with a visual identity to match our excitement about Fixfest. This is an open and reusable identity, reflecting the challenges of repair.

Venues confirmed for Fixfest 2017: LSE, Museum of London and Greenlab

Three days, four venues, only one Fixfest. We’re excited to announce our venues for our first ever global gathering of community repair!