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The Power of We, consumers of e-stuff

We have started to notice what we call an increasing ‘disquiet’ with the way we consume technology. The iPhone is the most common trigger for this feeling, but it is symbolic of greater unease with short lifecycle of e-stuff, sandwiched by concerns about production, supply chains and then disposal.

You know it’s serious when one of the US’ biggest sketch comedy TV shows goes after the frivolity of tech journalism and reminds us of the human costs of our gadgets.

We are tired of feeling powerless – in some sleepwalking state of mindless consumption. Of course we want innovation, we want progress, but at a pace that makes sense to us as humans.

We decide, not some marketing and manufacturing behemoth. We at Restart thought, what better day than today to introduce our Restart Pledge – a pledge that each one of us can take, together!

Restart Pledge Beta Version

If we are thousands, tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands declaring how we are going to buy only upgradable and repairable electronics, which we maintain, repair and reuse – then it will be hard to ignore us. Manufacturers and mobile operators will take note.

The Pledge is a work in progress – we would really appreciate your comments below. Tell us how you think we should share and disseminate it, how we can truly leverage the “power of we” starting with the “power of me”.

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