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Why we care about measurement – introducing our Fixometer concept

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People love to get their gadgets fixed. There is absolutely no doubt about it. For now, we can measure this in smiles, stories, and all of the positive feedback we get in person and online.

Photo by Friends of the Earth Hackney
Photo by Friends of the Earth Hackney

But what we would like to more clearly demonstrate the environmental benefits to repairing.

We also want to show, as our network grows, that choosing to repair is not just an individual, isolated act. We are a growing movement, and the acts of dozens, hundreds and thousands of people around the world will have a massive cumulative impact.

We think making these impacts visible is the key to unlocking community repair revolution globally, which is why we spent the weekend at the V&A prototyping what we are calling the Fixometer.

We have virtually no budget for this project as we are still struggling to survive. With zero resources, we’re proud to have made some real progress on conceiving of the system with both analog and digital elements, structuring our data, and prototyping a basic online dashboard:

Thanks to the V&A and their Digital Design Weekend for the opportunity to prototype in public.

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