Tell us about your broken COVID-19 hospital equipment

The Restart Project is a UK-based charity that aims to fix our relationship with electronics. We campaign for the Right to Repair, as a co-founder of the European Right to repair campaign.

We’ve received anecdotal evidence from different parts of the world that some hospital equipment that could be used by medical professionals in the COVID emergency is actually broken, and awaiting repair. We’d like to understand this situation better. For example, we’d like to know whether we could make the case for the release of repair manuals and designs of spare parts no longer supplied (or where supply chains have broken down or are delayed).

We don’t want to make false assumptions.

So in collaboration with the US PIRG’s Right to repair campaign, we’re asking anyone with information on the topic to fill this form, to help us learn how widespread this issue is and whether we can contribute by sharing information and raising awareness about it. Please share with anyone who might have access to useful information on this. Thanks in advance!

We plan to openly release results from the form as aggregate findings about type of devices surveyed and the regional data gathered. In order to protect the identity of individual submission authors, we will not make reference to your specific case in the findings, unless you give us explicit consent below.

If you’d like to ask us for any clarification about the form, please send us an email.


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