Data and Insights

In addition to our community and education work, we look at wider trends. We collect data on repair from our community events using our Fixometer application, and we use the data to provide insights into the devices we see, such as the impact of the Restart community. We’re co-founding an Open Repair Alliance to share information and insights with repair organisations around the world.

We’re also exploring the availability of trusted commercial repairers with our Repair Directory application, and learning about the behaviours of the people who like get involved in Restart Parties.

A journey into our repair data

The patterns and trends in our repair data can give us powerful insights into the repair movement, and we now have over 6,000 device repairs captured in the Fixometer. We’ve learned how to query, clean, and we’ve made progress on standardising our data.

Repair Directory screenshot

Launching our Beta Repair Directory

To help reduce our barriers to repair, today we are launching the beta version of our Repair Directory, a tool allowing users to quickly search for businesses based on location and type of device.

The crime of disposability

We’ve repaired for over five years in our communities. Now we are witnessing worrying developments, including the emergence of products that are simply — and unnecessarily — disposable. Some are even single-use.

Changing attitudes and actions: research with Nottingham Trent University

We don’t measure success simply by the number of objects fixed – success also comes in the form of changed attitudes, greater confidence, more enthusiasm for repair, or understanding of our wider patterns of resource use.

KDS Appliances

Portraits of repair businesses in East London

We’ve researched the changing landscape of the commercial repair sector in East London: some smaller businesses are finding it tough to compete with superstores and large manufacturers, and the next generation of younger repairers face an uncertain career path.