Data and Insights

In addition to our community and education work, we look at the wider trends in the repair economy.  We collect data on repair from our community events using our Fixometer application, and we use the data to provide insights into the devices we see, such as the impact of the Restart community.  We’re starting an Open Repair coalition to share information and insights with repair organisations around the world.

We’re also exploring the availability of trusted commercial repairers, and learning about the behaviours of the people who like get involved in Restart Parties.

The power of citizen-generated data: why even failed repairs count

Every little bit of data we collect has been going into our Fixometer database, where we are steadily compiling valuable information about which products that are failing the most frequently, why they are failing, and whether we are able to repair them.

Learning more about Restart Party participants

We are publishing findings of a research project with Nottingham Trent University to find out more about participants to Restart Parties

How to find reliable commercial repairers?

We took the opportunity to research commercial repair businesses in East London to come up with initial criteria to help find reliable options

Tracing minerals and using our electronics ethically

Our mission is not just fixing, but connecting the dots between the way we use (and discard!) electronics, and the way they are produced. It is understanding – and intervening to reduce – their social and environmental impacts.

Fixometer project report: creating an online community space

With six Restart Party hosts, in London, Leicester and Turin, we’ve been improving our online community space, designed to help demonstrate the impact of our community electronics repair. Nearly there!