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Mapping a spontaneous, global movement


From London, we have been inspired by Holland, the US, Australia, Brazil, and now we realise that there are many more community repair and fixit groups than we ever knew of before… Milan, Barcelona, Finland, the list just grows.

We decided the time has come to visualise this growing movement of repair! Mapping repair groups will help connect people to their local repair gurus and fixit friends – and who knows, inspire the creation of more.

On the site Crowdmap we can collaboratively map the repair movement – if you would like to add a group, simply click “submit report” to add to the map. If you would like to help us curate this map, please get in touch, we would love the help.

Some groups have regular events in their own spaces and some are pop-up groups.

The most remarkable thing is that we are not just all doing similar things, we are doing them in the same way and with similar motivations.

We have noticed shared characteristics:

1) learning, skillsharing and community are a premium. No judgment. Openness and inclusivity, all are made to feel welcome.

2) the idea is NOT a freebie fix. The idea is that people get involved in the repair, taking responsibility for their stuff and taking back control. It’s about behaviour change, not just about waste prevention


3) importantly – fun!

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