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Fixometer project report: creating an online community space

We’ve been hard at work for most of the past year creating a tool and an online space to help Restart Party hosts log the devices brought to Restart Parties, and see the impact of their work, and our cumulative impact globally.

After some work collecting data and creating the tool – what we’ve been calling “The Fixometer” – now with the help of six Restart Party hosts, in London, Leicester and Turin, we’ve been improving the user experience of our online community space, and it’s nearly ready for launch.

The platform will allow Restart Party Hosts to

  • announce events on our website in advance
  • easily submit data about what got fixed and what did not
  • get a report on the positive impact of the event – and the cumulative impact of the group – in terms of kilograms of waste prevented and kilograms of carbon emissions prevented via repair

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 10.20.40

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 15.30.00

We all know intuitively it’s better for the planet to make things last for longer. The tool powering our community space – the Fixometer – helps give an idea of the positive impact of our collective actions to fix and extend the lives of our gadgets.

It also gives an idea of how many volunteer hours, and how many events contribute to these positive impacts, and where.

We’re almost ready to open our community space to the dozens of Restart Party hosts around the world, and share our global impact with a wider audience.

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