Data and Insights

In addition to our community and education work, we look at wider trends. We collect data on repair from our community events using our Fixometer application, and we use the data to provide insights into the devices we see, such as the impact of the Restart community. We’re co-founding an Open Repair Alliance to share information and insights with repair organisations around the world.

We’re also exploring the availability of trusted commercial repairers with our Repair Directory application, and learning about the behaviours of the people who like get involved in Restart Parties.

Fixed whiteboard picture

Responding to community needs with the latest Fixometer release

Find out more about the improvements in our latest release of the Fixometer – version 3.0 AKA “Commutator”.

Filming in London

Why repairing mobiles is not easy enough

We appear on The One Show tonight, talking about mobiles and why we – and professionals – struggle to repair so many of them in a cost-effective way. Using mobiles for longer is crucial to reducing their environmental impacts.

Map of local electronic repair shops

Mapping commercial repair in three more London boroughs

Building on work in East London, the aim is to discover as many relevant businesses as possible in three North London boroughs, collect data on them, and then develop and apply criteria for reliable businesses.

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Launching the Open Repair Data Standard

The first version of the Open Repair Data Standard (ORDS) is now ready, following the initial meeting of the Open Repair Alliance’s founding members in October during Fixfest.

Presenter at MozFest

Listening and speaking at Mozfest 2017

Restart co-founder Ugo Vallauri spoke at Mozilla Festival (“MozFest”) 2017: the world’s leading festival for the open internet. Mozfest gathered together advocates for a ‘healthy internet’ and hardware is a big part of this.