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Calling student leaders (and their teachers)!

We’re looking for student leaders who would like to help change the way we use electronics, from the ground up.

Can you – or the planet – afford to upgrade every two years? Every year? Our throw-away approach to electronics is leading us towards environmental catastrophe and it is stressing us out.

If you like to tinker, help others save money, or you care about the planet or human rights, you can build a student movement to help fix things, starting with your school.

If you’d like to be the part of something new and exciting… if you would you like to be involved from day one, creating and owning the work, with support from a small, dynamic organisation… read on!

Who we’re looking for

We’re recruiting a couple of student leaders of secondary school age to help lay the foundations for a global student campaign against our throw-away relationship with electronics.

You’ll need a curiosity to learn more about the lifecycles of gadgets, the guts to intervene and save gadgets from waste, and the passion to inspire others to do the same.

You may be studying geography, computer science, design and technology, or English literature. The common thread between our student leaders will be a discomfort with our throw-away culture, and the drive to do something fun and positive in response.

You will be able to

  • “meet” other students like you online
  • brainstorm possibilities for joined-up activism
  • help define the priorities of this campaign and its structure
  • view/share videos and trial activities at school
  • tell us what you find interesting, suggest new activities and videos, or help by making your own
  • demonstrate leadership and gain organisational skills
  • get our ringing endorsement as student leader!


Time commitment

From November, a couple of hours a month contributing online and some activities in your school offline. No more, we promise. (In late 2017 we hope to organise a day-long meet-up in the UK.)

Please send us a message telling us

  • Who you are
  • Where you go to school
  • What you are studying
  • The contact for a teacher or educator who you would like to ask to champion this work in your school

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