eSpares sponsors The Restart Project

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We’re happy to work with eSpares as they champion the ability for people to repair their household appliances without prior repairs experience. This is, of course, very much aligned with our own values.

eSpares’ Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Sharp, tells us he’s as pleased as we are to be officially partnered up.

I have a huge amount of respect for The Restart Project and the work they do. Their efforts to make electrical repairs more accessible for all help to protect our environment for future generations.

Our shared goals to facilitate electrical repairs and avoid e-waste mean we’ve worked with The Restart Project in the past, sharing their campaigns with our customers and supporting their laptop drive back in early 2021. Now, I am extremely pleased to be sponsoring The Restart Project in all they do.

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Who are eSpares?

eSpares’ mission is to make appliance repairs easy. On their website, they offer free online repairs advice for appliances and huge availability of replacement parts from more than 500 leading manufacturers.

Their Advice Centre is home to over 900 how-to articles and their YouTube channel has over 800 step-by-step repairs videos. If you’re not sure how to find the right part to fix your appliance, eSpares can show you how with their model number finder and compatibility tools.

Just like us, eSpares wants to make repairs to household electrical items more accessible. That’s why they put a huge amount of effort into making appliance repair know-how both available and understandable for everyone.

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