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Restarters are people who like helping others learn how to fix broken electronics and electricals – anything with a battery or that plugs in – with a few exceptions for safety, like microwaves.

Restarters have diverse skills. Some help with basic electrical fixing involving changing fuses and plugs. Others deal with software issues on laptops and mobiles. What unites Restarters is the love of a repair challenge and their collaborative approach.

Restart Party hosts are special Restarters because without their organisation, communication and people skills, none of this could happen.

In London?

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Outside of London?

If you’re interested in taking part in community repair events in your area, leave your details with us and we’ll aim to put you in touch with other people and local groups in your area.  We will contact you to seek your consent before we pass on any of your personal data to others.  If you have any questions or would like to remove yourself from the list of Restarters, please contact us.   Read our full privacy policy

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