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Fixfest’s visual rallying cry

While we are organising and hosting it, our upcoming Fixfest is not just a Restart Project event: it is quickly taking on a life of its own, and we are thrilled at the idea of it continuing to grow and change beyond October with the input of many other repair groups.

We have confirmations from Argentina, Canada, Germany, Holland, Italy, Norway, Spain, Tunisia and the US, and we’re just getting started.

We owe the name “Fixfest” to Oslo’s Restarters, who call their events “Fiksefest”. We realised this name does well in romance languages and potentially beyond.

We needed a new look to send it out into the world with: so we called on our friend, Buenos Aires repair activist, designer Marina Pla to help us come up with a visual identity to match our excitement. Her design work for Club de Reparadores has caught the attention of repair activists around the world. We are really grateful for her volunteer effort, one of many volunteer contributions to the event.

Our idea was to create a re-usable, open identity that might be useful in 2019 or beyond. (Hint: we are planning on attending a future Fixfest, not planning it!)

The screwdriver heads are good for decoration, but a huge cause of frustration, and icon of closed design. They serve as a rallying cry for better, more repairable design.

Look out for our new Fixfest website where we’ll be announcing more speakers and details shortly; keep checking our blog for updates – and save the date.

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