Get started with is our unique tool to measure the impact of each of our community electronics repair events and those of our network as well as helping us all communicate and organise. it’s powered by our Fixometer platform, and helps us share the importance of repair and gain support, including funding, for our efforts.


  • Announce your events on our homepage / events page linking to your own page;
  • Know who’s coming: volunteers can RSVP to events;
  • Record the growing impact of your community repair events and embed these on your own site, including:
    • how much unnecessary waste and carbon dioxide emissions your group has prevented (in kilograms);
    • how many people attended each event;
    • how many hours people have volunteered;
  • Create or join local groups and invite your own network;
  • Co-ordinate with people in your area with new group management & communication tools;
  • Join or start conversations with the rest of the community on our discussion platform;
  • Access and contribute to our growing knowledge bank on our repair wiki and refreshed Restart Party Kit;
  • NEW: Find people in your local area and invite them to your group.

Here’s more about how it works.

Disclaimer – can only be used to accurately record and produce statistics for the repair of electrical items. Until we add support for other products, please only record electrical items that your group repairs on

Get started

Help develop

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve recently been able to launch, a new platform powered by the Fixometer packed with new features.

Here are some ideas we’ve already built-in thanks to your feedback:

  • Speedier data entry
  • A community space for sharing ideas, socialising and collaborating with other users
  • A mobile-friendly interface
  • New profiles to involve repair volunteers with data quality
  • Email updates
  • Better integration with social media
  • “Live” data entry for projection at events

There are still many more features we can add and directions we can take. Through your use and feedback, we can prioritise and develop it even further.

The Fixometer part of the platform is open-source and available on Github.

Read the user guide

Signing up to

Joining, creating or customising your group

Creating an event

Logging your data

Viewing your impact

Need help?

If you encounter a bug, need assistance with your account, or have any other questions, contact [email protected].