Signing up to


Restarters login page

To gain access our tools for community repairers, you’ll need an account on our community platform. This is in public beta at the moment here.

Your dashboard

Restarters dashboard - the different areas of the community platform: Getting started, global impact, discussion area, wiki, Restart party kit, community news and upcoming events

The first page you see when logging into is the dashboard. This brings together the different areas of the community platform:

  • Getting started – a checklist of ideas to help you get to know the site, such as joining a group and RSVPing to an event. This only appears for new members.
  • Global environmental impact – a quick overview of the difference we’re making as a network in terms of waste and CO2 emissions prevented.
  • Discussion – a link to our community forum, where you can meet and talk to other Restarters.
  • Wiki – links to interesting pages on our repair wiki. Feel free to read and/or contribute!
  • Getting started in community repair – a link to our Restart Party Kit, located in our discussion area.
  • Community news – our latest blog posts from staff and community members.
  • Upcoming events – a list of events happening near you soon (if you added a location during sign up).

Editing your profile

Restarters user menu: Your Profile, Change password, Logout

To change your personal details (such as name, location, bio etc.), listed skills or profile picture, click on your name at the top right of the page and then on Your profile.

From the same drop down menu, you can also change your password and log out.

Note: your name and avatar will be visible to the rest of the community but will not be to the wider public.


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