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Donate your abandoned mobile, inspire the next generation

We’ve been hard at work on educational resources that help young people gain confidence disassembling and reassembling mobiles, and learning about the raw materials inside them. Now we need your help – your can donate your mobile.

In terms of the hardware, we hit upon a winning formula, that includes one particular model of “obsolete” mobile: the Nexus 4, or LG E960. (It’s not obsolete if you install Lineage OS – but this is not for everyone.)

This mobile is great because it’s hard but not too hard to take apart. And it resembles more current mobiles, well closely enough. Even a three year old can learn how to put it back together, as seen in the photo above.

You or friends and family probably have one gathering dust somewhere. Instead of sending for recycling or to the shredder, you can give your Nexus 4 new life – we’ll inspire and educate the next generation of repairers.

Thank you in advance!

Please read before your donate your mobile

Our only requirement is that it can power on – it can be locked to any network. And please note: we are only interested in this make/model of mobile. We cannot accept any other donations.

Our shipping address

The Restart Project
3Space (International House)
6 Canterbury Crescent
Brixton, London

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