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Our delegation to Fixfest 2019 in Berlin

We’re really excited to participate in the second-ever global Fixfest in Berlin later this month. While many members of our network from Belgium, Italy, Norway, Sweden and here in the UK can fund their own travel, others cannot. Thanks to generous funding from the Shuttleworth Foundation, we’ve been able to sponsor a larger, global delegation to the event.

We made an open call to members of our network in need of travel subsidy, and reached out to friends and contacts beyond to reach new groups.

This year, we’re particularly excited for new participants from Asia and South Africa. (Where possible, we’ve avoided air travel but we feel the value in creating a joined-up global movement justifies this rare meeting.)

We can’t wait to meet everybody in Berlin, only a couple of weeks from now.

Fixfest delegates

Andreu, Restarters Barcelona, Spain


Restarters Barcelona, Spain

I attended the first Fixfest in London and I’m attending the second to stay in contact with global repair activists and share my knowledge.
Fernando, REMAKE Repair Parties, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong


REMAKE Repair Parties, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong

As humans, we share a responsibility to create a better environment for ourselves, one that is resilient and sustainable. Repair is an integral part of that duty, and attending Fixfest means learning and teaching how to do a better job at it. Similarly, if we wish repair to be for everyone, we have to include everyone. Fixfest represents that platform where people from different backgrounds, cultures and ideologies can come together in sharing their distinct experiences, thereby ideating better solutions.
Johnathen, Cape Town Repair Café, South Africa


Cape Town Repair Café, South Africa

I would love to attend FixFest 2019. I think Cape Town Repair Café can greatly benefit from learning what the more established Repair Café like entities do. Our Repair Café is still very young and have very limited resources.
Marie, Leicester Fixers, UK


Leicester Fixers, UK

I want to go to Fixfest to learn what people have been up to in bringing repair in their communities. I want to find out who has been involved with schools and learn from them, so that Leicester Fixers can develop a great school outreach strategy. I also can’t wait to tell them how our Leicestershire Community Repair Outreach Programme went and the results of my doctoral research on the factors influencing prosumer to repair. Let’s share some repair news!
Melina (Meli), Club de Reparadores, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Melina (Meli)

Club de Reparadores, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fixfest is an excellent opportunity to share and learn local solutions for our shared global challenges. I am looking forward to meeting activists from around the world promoting repair.
Monique, Restarters London, UK


Restarters London, UK

I attended Fixfest in London and loved it! Since then I became involved with Open Repair Alliance data and I am motivated to talk to everyone about repair data. Show me your spreadsheets and data visualisations!
Nebojsa, Réparothons Insertech – Montréal, Québec, Canada


Réparothons Insertech – Montréal, Québec, Canada

I am very excited to meet other repair community leaders and activists to exchange on best practices. We are continually working on making our events better and found that experiences from other countries help us greatly to improve our own!
Purna, Bangalore Repair Café, India


Bangalore Repair Café, India

That repair can be a possible solution for diverting waste from landfill, is not a commonly understood view. Neither is the fact that India is in fact a repair country. This means, we can reduce our waste very easily because repair skills are always available around the corner. I would like to share our story from this part of the world and learn from others about the rest of the world. This seems like a good opportunity for both.

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  1. GUIVI Élias

    Très content de savoir que la troupe se mobilise bien pour représenter valablement la communauté des #restarters. Je serai à l’affût de l’actualité du #Fixfest 2019.

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