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The first Fixfest and future Fixfest(s)

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We had a truly life-changing experience at Fixfest in October! We cannot help but feel we finally united a grassroots, social movement.

We are scheduling follow-up community calls with the groups that coalesced by interest during our extra day on collaboration. Our hope is that other people and groups step forward to coordinate international collaboration or sharing on a couple of key topics.

If everything goes well, we will continue to work together in key areas over the coming years. Included as potential activities: sharing of documents/policies, mapping of policies which affect our work, global campaigns or shareable memes.

Read more about each of these topics, as they were addressed at Fixfest. Get touch if you did not attend, are part of a community repair group, and you’d like to be involved in collaborating with others across the globe.

Judging by the enthusiasm by participants – 12% of those surveyed said they were thinking about being future Fixfest hosts – there will be future Fixfests.

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