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Get (re)Started this Volunteers Week

Happy National Volunteers week!  Chances are, if you’ve ever been to a Restart Party you’ve met and worked with some of our volunteer Restarters or hosts.  They are why we’re a people-powered platform for change, after all.

Changing the world isn’t easy though, and we could always use your help!  If you’re looking to get started Restarting, here’s a few ways to start:

Come to a Restart Party

Our Restart Parties are fun, free, and open to everyone.  Come to a party, meet our volunteers, and learn how you can repair broken or slow devices.  

See all of our upcoming parties

Host your own Restart Party

Organising your own Restart Party is easy, and chances are there are people in your area who would love to take part, but don’t know such a party exists.  Our Restart Party Kit has a step-by-step guide to organising your first Restart Party, and we also have a Facebook Group for Restart Party hosts.  

You can also volunteer to help host an existing Restart Party – extra help is always appreciated!

Volunteer your repair skills

Share your repair skills by volunteering as a Restarter.  If you’re in London you can get involved right away by coming to a party and volunteering.  If you’re outside of London, send us your details and we can help connect you with community repair groups and other Restarters in your area.  Wherever you are (so as long as you’re online), you can also share your expertise on our Restarter Wiki.  


We’re celebrating our fifth birthday this year (hurrah!).  If we’re going to make it into our teenage years, though, we still need your financial support.  This helps us to support Restarter groups all over the world, fund our work in schools, and help us to report on our impact.  


Have a gadget you no longer want or need?  Chances are someone else might want it instead.  Give it a second life, sell it on Ebay and donate the proceeds to the Restart Project.  Here’s our handy guide to doing this.

Not sure how you might want to get involved?  Feel free to get in touch as we’re happy to chat.


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