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Restarter Profile: Meet Orsetta

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Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Orsetta. I studied carpentry, interior design, set building and painting, and prop making. After working for 6 months as an interior designer I decided that I did not want to stay in front of a computer all day and that I wanted to make things with my hands. When I started working in theatre I realised that there were many chemicals involved in the making of props and I decided that I wanted to save the world not pollute it even more. So now I am 100% dedicated to saving the planet by reducing waste and repairing and making useful things out of recycled materials.

When did you start repairing electronics and electricals?

Well, let’s say I started with what I define as easier things.

When I was little I used to dismantle things (even if they were working) to see how they worked (sometimes I never managed to put them back together). Then I always used to make things like clothes and homes for my toys and recreating missing parts of board games and build fun racetracks with cardboard boxes for my pet tortoises. Then I started to fix furniture and basic electrical items (lamps and plugs) and clothing.

Only after joining the Restart Parties did I start “trying to fix electronics”. The more I do it, the more I learn how things work and the more I can show someone else how to fix.

Why do you attend Restart Parties?

I attend Restart Parties because I believe that we have to repair everything we have and not constantly buy new. And I like to learn new skills and every time I attend a party I gain more knowledge of how things work. I also like to think that people that attend a Restart Party will go home and try to repair their own broken item before buying a new one.

What is your favourite kind of repair?

Probably when I learn a new skill and when you get the help of more restarters to try and solve the problem. I also like the expression on people’s faces when they use a screwdriver or a multimeter for the first time. But the best of all is when I actually fix the object.

What do you do when you are not Restarting?

I cycle a lot and save items from bins and skips that people throw away. I repair them and clean them and put them on freecycle or give them to charity shops. I sometimes run workshops on how to make things out of recycled materials and make recycled jewelry and bags with broken umbrellas.

I am also looking for green job at the moment.

What frustrates you (in life)?

Mainly that people don’t care about the environment and the damage they do by constantly consuming. It really annoys me when people throw away things (furniture, clothing, lamps, printers) that could be just given to a friend, a charity shop or if broken repaired.

Also the need people have to buy new things rather than repair the old. And the fact that there is still so much packaging and not enough recyclables.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Usually my stomach complaining that it needs food. I am a morning person and I find it very easy to wake up early. But in reality, work when I have it or the thought of all the items that I have left to fix or craft activities.

What’s the first thing – one material thing – that you could not live without? (besides oxygen, food, water, and shelter and medical care)

My leatherman or a sewing kit probably. I always have a tool on me, you never know what might need fixing during the day.

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