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The Restart Project aims for a global shift towards a more sustainable and happier relationship with electronics.

We hosted our first Restart Party in a north London pub in June 2012. Since then, together with people from Montreal to Leicester to Milan, our growing network has helped more than 21,000 people extend the life of their gadgets, and prevented over 33,000 kg of unnecessary waste.

In 2021, the first Right to Repair measures came into law in the UK for a limited number of appliances — and we’ve been keeping up the pressure for the government to expand them to mobiles, tablets and laptops. And in response to overwhelming need during the pandemic, we mobilised to help super-charge laptop reuse efforts in London, creating the Laptop Repair Team and donating funds to partners.

Please get in touch directly if you are considering giving a large gift, would like to give cryptocurrency or would like a special donation page in memory of a loved one.


Your donations will help us to:

  • Inspire and educate

    We aim to provide students and teachers with valuable repair skills, and the materials to embed repair in schools. We also stimulate wider discussion about better, sustainable products with our podcast.

  • Change the system

    We are collecting data on barriers to repair with repair activists from around the world. And we use this evidence to push for longer-lasting products and our Right to Repair in future policy

  • Promote local action and connection

    We provoke people to think, talk, and get hands-on experience. In addition to enabling more communities to share repair skills, we want to stimulate local repair economies by mapping and linking with businesses.