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Devon, United Kingdom

Axminster Repair Cafe

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The idea is simple… to repair and re-use rather than send broken household items to landfill. It’s good for the planet and good for your bank balance! Plus, you’ll get to meet people in your community and if you join us as a mender, you’ll help others by sharing your valuable skills.

The list of things that could be restored to their former glory is varied and includes electrical household items, computers, bicycles, clothing and textiles, toys, garden tools, but really anything you have which is broken and might be repaired can be considered, rather than throwing it away.

Our Repair Cafes will be held on a monthly basis at the Axminster Guildhall with a group of volunteer repairers on hand to help you repair any broken items you wish to bring along. A stock of repair materials for some items will be available, and if you have any materials for repairing your broken items, please feel free to bring these along.

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