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Lyttelton is having a Repair Cafe. A place where you can bring in your broken stuff and have it fixed for free.

Things you might have that need repair are torn or holey clothes, stuck zippers, furniture, lamps, headphones and cables, sunglasses, appliances, electronics, phones, computers (software or hardware), ceramics and pottery, toys, shoes, jewellry, blunt knives or tools (to sharpen) broken plastic objects, or anything that you can easily transport here. Feel free to ask if you're unsure. If your broken thing needs specific parts to fix it, please bring them along too.

Let us know what you need fixed!

Our volunteers will do their best at repairing your stuff but we don't give any guarantees.

We are in need to volunteers to run this event. Can you fix anything in the list above?

We could use your help.

There will be a registered electrician on site to sign off on basic electronic repairs, but we need hands to do the work.

We'll also need volunteers to assist with welcoing and directing people attending, logging repaired, or unrepaired items or bringing drinks or snacks to volunteers.

If you are willing and able to assist, please send us a message!

Volunteers will get snacks and drinks while working and a meal at the end, earn Timebank credits, as well as getting the immense gratitude of a bunch of locals, and assisting in creating a sustainable future.

We'll do our best to try and make all helpers feel like the local legends they are.

Please get in touch.

Thanks to both Ōtautahi Repair Revolution, Project Lyttelton and LLOTT's in their support of this venture.


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40 Winchester St, Lyttelton, New Zealand

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Ōtautahi Repair Revolution

The quiet revolution taking over Ōtautahi (Christchurch).

The Repair Revolution is driving a movement away from throwaway culture and promoting product stewardship through the art and practice of repair.

On the Third Tuesday of every month, 5 pm-7:30 pm we hold an event at the Riverlution Ecohub which is conveniently nestled into the Richmond Community Gardens at the foot of the red zone.

We are also organising pop up repair events at different community hubs around the city

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