April 2023 monthly upload

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Party impact





33 kg

waste prevented

2493 kg

CO2 emission prevented


devices fixed


devices repairable


devices dead

equivalent to...

Volunteers at a Restart Party fixing devices, cropped on hands


April 23 monthly upload

Mario - 05/05/23

uploaded: 53

prevented: CO2 2,228 kg, waste 30 kg

Mario - 05/03/23

16 fixed, recycled 34

prevented: 76kg, 5166 CO2 Kg

Mario - 01/06/23

total 53, 17 fixed

prevented: co2 2360kg, waste 32 kg

Mario - 20 August 23

total 20, recycled 2, fixe 18

prevented: waste 34Kg, Co2 2,493


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[INACTIVE] Fixing Factory Brent

This group is currently inactive.

Our team is looking for volunteers with a background in Technology and I.T or basic knowledge of it. Whether you’re a student looking to gain experience or looking for a new career, why not volunteer your time to help us fix and repair laptops so that we can deliver better services!

The I.T Technician will be responsible for the following:

- Troubleshoot, diagnostics, and repair all hardware and software malfunctions

  1. Provide technical support to clients
  2. Provide system upgrades and migrations
  3. Perform maintenance on all I.T equipment
  4. Install and configure new I.T hardware, software, and devices

if anyone is interested in volunteering or helping out please contact me

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hours volunteered

parties thrown

590 kg

waste prevented

44901 kg

CO2 emission prevented