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Leicester Hackspace

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The Leicester Hackspace is essentially a shared workshop run by the members for the members.

Imagine you had five friends with sets of tools, you all decided to get together and rent a double garage where you would each work on your own projects in a shared space. You share the cost of rent and utilities. It’s not a service so none of you are obliged to use the space or to help each other but it’s there when you want to use it. As you are friends you might also choose to help each other every now and again or to teach each other how to do something.

The Hackspace is just like that but instead of five members as of Jan 2019 we currently have 130 members.

The Hackspace is often used for fixing and repair activities either personally by the members or with members of the public who visit during The Open Hack Nights with run every Tuesday from 7pm-9pm.

Many of our members are also fixers with @Leicester Fixers which is considered an independent sister organisation. Leicester Fixers hosts our outreach repair programme in the form of Restart Parties and any repairs that are not completed at the events can by arrangement be completed at the Open hack Nights which are also used by people who can’t get to the events.

If you have any enquiries w.r.t. Leicester Hackspace, please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] or @Divya Pujara on this platform

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