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Mobile Humanitarian Repair Lab

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The Mobile Humanitarian Repair Lab is an itinerant place of resources allowing forcibly displaced persons to fix and enhance everyday objects themselves and to initiate a process of resilience on the migratory route.

It is an experimental solidarity program that is part of the French Red Cross.


Repair: provision of tools for repair and volunteer support on:

  • Textile / Leather (tents, shoes, sleeping bags, clothes, backpacks…)
  • Electronics (lamps, charging stations, mobile phones…)
  • Other small repairs (hard to list what’s most essential to each single person)

Protection:  provision of machinery and protective materials for personal property:

  • Lamination (for administrative documents, photos…)
  • Waterproofing (textile/leather)
  • Digitization (scan and possible creation of email address)

Personalization:  provision of tools and materials for creative customization of personal belongings

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