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The rejuvenated Nottingham Fixers are proud to be holding their first Repair Cafe in conjunction with Primary, an artist-led space promoting creative projects.

Want to work with our volunteer Fixers and learn how to fix your broken or damaged things? We believe that there are many items that can be repaired rather than be replaced or thrown away (and let's have a drink and cake while we're doing it!). So if there's a hole in your jumper, you've broken jewellery languishing in a cupboard, your bike need the once over, or your small electricals need new life breathing into them come along and 'Share the Repair’.

We're a new group and we're looking for more people to get involved so email us: [email protected] or find us here

As part of the Skillshare programme people at the event will also be able to work with designer Saria Digregorio to create a take-away skills library. Use collage, text and drawing to help design some beautiful take-away sheets that share the things that have been learnt at previous sessions.


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Nottingham Fixers

The rejuvenated Nottingham Fixers are a band of volunteers who want to change the culture from 'if it's broken then chuck it', to 'if it's broken let's fix it.' And we like to have a cuppa and cake while we're doing it!
#sharetherepair #throwawaynoway

To get involved email us or find us on Facebook

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