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Karnataka, India

Repair Cafe Collective India

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Repair Cafe Collective (India) is a loose association of volunteers that runs repair based workshops, training sessions, WhatsApp groups for talking about common repair issues, and a repair agandi (online shop)for a few particular categories of repair, such as clothes upcycling, laptop repairs, and shoes &bag mending.

One of our most popular online kids’ home maintenance programmes, #TinkerKinder, is only offered during the summer months each year.

#On June 11, we started a repair cafe for children in Hyderabad City.

#A big shout out for very First #repaircafe in #Mumbai #Sion on 24th September ( Sunday) at Sadhana Learning centre

Registration opens now:

For any queries whatsapp 9869798748/9167248587/9739686665

Please visit our website for latest update on events.

For any queries write to us: [email protected]

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