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Berlin, Germany

Repair Café Brunnenviertel

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The Repair Café Brunnenviertel plays an important role
in the transformation project “Kiezladen”. On regularly basis it hosts
self-help workshops for repairing malfunctioning objects with the
support of volunteers, everything happening in a comfortable atmosphere
with coffee and cakes. The goal is to extend the life cycle of many
objects as well as saving ressources and energy – and money. Besides
valuable knowledge of hand crafting is passed on from one to another.
We open our doors for you every 4th Monday of the month from 5 – 8 pm.
Everyone interested in experiencing how to revive your beloved things is
welcome. Feel free to bring your broken home appliances, electric
devices, toys, wooden furniture or clothing! (If your budget allows a
small donation after your stay, we’d be very happy to transform it
into new tools, material or food and drinks for the next Repair Café.)
See you there 🙂

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Find out where our data comes from or download it from our FAQ. The development of the "Fixometer" tool was funded by the Innovation in Waste Prevention Fund, run by WRAP. Thank you to WRAP and our implementing partners the engine room (project management and development), Circular Ecology (mentoring on environmental data) and Leaven Lab (design). 

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