Breaking Gender Roles with Repair @Stenkrossen

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Bike and electronics repair are still rather male-dominated domains, and we think that should change!  This is why, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, we are hosting a repair event specifically for people who tend to be underrepresented or do not feel welcome in the technical field due to traditional gender roles.

What does that mean?

We want to create a space where everyone feels safe and comfortable to try repairing and learn new skills!  This means people of all levels of expertise are welcome – you don’t know anything about bike/electronics repair? That’s okay! We won’t raise eyebrows or make fun of you, and we’ll explain things and guide you through the repair - we enjoy repairing and sharing our skills! You know a lot about repairs and just came for the tools and fika? Also cool! We promise, no mansplaining (we just might try and recruit you as a volunteer) 

And also: For our male friends who want to learn some skills that are traditionally female-associated, we’ll also have a textile repair station, where we’ll have volunteers that can help use a sewing machine or sew on a button. Again, all levels of expertise are welcome! 

Repairing stuff is a lot of fun, and even though the big companies want us to believe otherwise, it’s often possible and not as complicated as it first may seem! So make sure to come by and bring your broken toaster/bike/phone/pants, and let’s see if we can do something about it - in the worst case, we’ll learn something new! And even if you don’t have anything to repair (hard to believe!) why not drop by to oil your bike chain and have some fika with lovely people 


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Kastanjegatan 13, Lund, Sweden

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Repair Cafe Lund

We are a relatively new and small group of volunteer repairers. We often work with Repair Cafe Malmö but are looking to expand our group in Lund and are collaborating with different organisations. More information:

We bring the tools for electronics repair and sewing equipment. We are always looking for more volunteers so if you have skills or want to learn, get in touch!

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