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Note on times: Event is 20:00 CET/ 19:00 UK/ 11:00 PDT

In this special event, we will have a short introduction to critical raw materials - what they are, what kinds of products and components you find them in, and why repair is essential. We use materials developed by the Restart Project (within the REFER project) - these materials can also be used as part of other repair cafe and educational events. After the introduction, we will have a repair cafe session during which participants give a short introduction to the item they have brought to repair and we then divide into breakout rooms to try to repair the items. In the main room we will continue a discussion about materials, education, and repair for anyone interested.

GOT SOMETHING BROKEN? In addition to “carry-in items” the virtual format means we can look at big things like washing machines, doors, furniture and farm equipment now. Help us out by letting us know what you are bringing by registering in advance
RESTARTERS, FIXERS,OTHERS: Any community repairers (or wannabe repairers, "fixingfamilies") in the world are heartily welcome to help fix (or just observe). You're also welcome to simply observe the event. RSVP to this event or sign up in advance at

You can see examples of past online events here:

We will put the link to the event in this description closer to the event.

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Repair Cafe Malmö

We have events mostly on Sunday afternoons at STPLN in Western Harbour, Garaget in Sofielund or other pop-up locations around Malmö. Like Restart, our aim is to fix with you, share knowledge, and learn more about repairing different devices. We focus right now primarily on electronics repair, but there are also general tools and sewing machines available to try any kind of repair!  

Fixa och fika med oss! Vårt mål är att sänka tröskeln för att reparera trasig elektronik och att sprida kunskap för att minska elektronikavfallet.

You have skills (or want to learn)?
We are a loose community of people that wants to help reduce the amount of electronic waste, love to fix things and help others repair. There are a lot of things that we can learn from each other and we hope to have more helping hands, no matter what your skills are. Maybe
 you simply like to help others and see their joy when the toaster works again, you love to organise fun events, or are a retired electrician, or you are looking to learn more about repairing. Send a message to [email protected] or drop by an event!

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