Intergalactic Zoom Fixit Clinic DCXVI (616): Holiday Zoom!


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**A Holiday Zoom for Repairers World-Wide: Repairers from all local communities are welcome to meet and greet and spread good cheer with and amongst their fixing brethren: don't miss it!**

Santa's Fixing Elves will be Zooming in from all over the world to spread good cheer and repair. Celebrate bearers of light in the darkness for Sweden's Santa Lucia Day with our Intergalactic Fixit Clinic hosted out of Lund/Malmö Sweden.

Intergalactic Zoom Fixit Clinics bring the world's greatest troubleshooting talent together to address whatever's presented. Here's how it works: show your broken item to the global assembly of community repairers and get suggestions for things to try. After all items are presented we assign items/participants and repairers to Zoom breakout rooms to implement the suggestions and, hopefully, fix the items.

GOT SOMETHING BROKEN? In addition to “carry-in items” we can look at big things like dishwashers, TVs and furniture now. Sign up with things to fix at

FIXERS: All community repairers worldwide are heartily invited to participate, either to help fix or just observe, learn and cross-train. Sign up well in advance at (Your local area / local repair group is welcome to be featured/spotlighted; we’ll add information specific to your group/locale to both the participant and fixer registration pages so you can promote locally while we promote globally.)

Vill du ha hjälp på svenska? Vi kommer också att ha svensktalande voluntärer för att hjälpa (auch Deutsch)! Skriv önskat språk när du registrerar.


WHAT: Intergalactic Zoom Fixit Clinic DLXVI (616) Lund/Malmö Sweden

WHEN: Saturday Dec 11, 2021 7PM CET (18:00 UTC/05:00+1 AEDT/19:00 CET/18:00 GMT/14:00 ART/13:00 EST/Noon CST/11:00 MST/10:00 PST)

WHERE:Cyberspace (Register to get teleconferencing details)

HOW: Answer these questions:

- Do you have a phone, tablet or computer (and internet connection) that will support Zoom adequately?

- Can you show the problem in about five minutes?

- Can you fill out afterwards?

If yes: register at and we'll reach about scheduling you for this or another upcoming Zoom Fixit Clinic.

WHO: An all-ages family-friendly event: children are heartily invited!

WHY: To meet and make global friends, learn and teach how to fix things, and have fun!

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Repair Cafe Malmö

We have events mostly on Sunday afternoons at STPLN in Western Harbour, Garaget in Sofielund or other pop-up locations around Malmö. Like Restart, our aim is to fix with you, share knowledge, and learn more about repairing different devices. We focus right now primarily on electronics repair, but there are also general tools and sewing machines available to try any kind of repair!  

Fixa och fika med oss! Vårt mål är att sänka tröskeln för att reparera trasig elektronik och att sprida kunskap för att minska elektronikavfallet.

You have skills (or want to learn)?
We are a loose community of people that wants to help reduce the amount of electronic waste, love to fix things and help others repair. There are a lot of things that we can learn from each other and we hope to have more helping hands, no matter what your skills are. Maybe
 you simply like to help others and see their joy when the toaster works again, you love to organise fun events, or are a retired electrician, or you are looking to learn more about repairing. Send a message to [email protected] or drop by an event!

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