Leicester Fixers

In Leicester, Leicester Fixers emerged as an umbrella to bring together all individuals and hobbyist interested in repair and learning.
It is a community of amateur and professional repairers and non-repairers that work together to mend the broken and learn more about repair.
They currently run Restart parties which are donation-based community events organised by volunteers to inspire people to mend their broken gadgets, buy for longevity and prevent electronics waste.
So if you have a broken vacuum cleaner, a faulty printer or more, Come and learn how to fix your stuff.
If you want to come and get help mending something:

  • Please arrive during the first two hours
  • Please bring devices charged and their power leads/adapters
  • Please do not expect us to have spare parts or replacement mobile screens. This is not a free repair shop, it’s a pop-up community event! It is a place where you can learn about repair by collaborating with someone who have greater experience. We rely entirely on donations so any help is more than welcome.

If you want to come and help:

Get in touch with Marie or Divya through the Leicester Fixers Facebook page – click the “Join Us” button 

or by sending an email to Footpaths or the Leicester Hackspace

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