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Volunteers at a Restart Party fixing devices, cropped on hands


The Short Version:  Come and check out our amazing little space and fix some stuff...

The Long Version:

This isn't a Restart Party or Repair Cafe as such, really just a placeholder for "Richmond Maker labs" regular open evenings (Almost every Tuesday) and afternoons (Almost every Friday).  More information here: 

On these open days there is always someone that comes with something to repair and there are several items in Little House that needs repair so that they can be donated back to individuals or the local "Mind" charity shop.

This group is organised by Andres and you can reach them on: [email protected]


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Ham Close, Richmond, Reino Unido

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Richmond Makerlabs

Richmond MakerLabs is an all-inclusive space for people with an interest in DIY and craft. The space features computer facilities, electronics lab, laser cutting, 3D printing, CNC machinery, metal lathe, kitchen facilities, informal wood shop, and more.

We also have a hobby interest in Internet of Things (IoT), carpentry, biohacking, amateur radio, brewing, gardening, and sewing/knitting too.

We are a proud part of the Ham United Group Community Interest Company (HUG). HUG promotes general charitable purposes, activities, events and projects which may be decided from time to time for the benefit of the community of Ham and Petersham and the surrounding area.

Membership to HUG (and RML) is free, and donations and standing orders kindly accepted.

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